bUkAn SeNaNg NaK jAdi SeNanG

Friday, July 16, 2010

miss to my DFP4A

  • marlini
  • quya (housemate)
  • bella (housemate)
  • kak na (housemate)
  • zie (housemate)
  • piya
  • nadd (housemate)
  • chin 
  • kak ida
i mizz u olzz..
i lurve u olzz..
take care of urself my dear..
i miz when we're together..
when we can meet / hangout beb??
ouhh really mizz damn much.
more more and more..
btw if have a free time tell me la..i want to meet u olzz..i need u olzz..heee poyo jerk.
and lastly, i want talk here about our fwenzz..chin. she's will getting a new baby..
so me and bella want to see her and baby comel!
if u olzz offday countdown kl ok to see chin..(maklumla ngah pantang nanti..chin jgn mare..hee)
juz tell me or bella if want to see our lovely fwenz ok.

*sayang anda semua.........0-0
*if i've make some mistake to u olzz hope can accept my apologize dear..
*one more here, if i make ur burden i'm so sorry guys..heee
*LoVe sangat!

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